Starting your own business in Spain?

It is more and more common for Scandinavians to start their own business in Spain, often in areas where it holds many others from the Nordic countries. For all Norwegians who cannot do so much Spanish, it is very nice to be able to relate to Scandinavian companies and services, who can speak your own language and know your needs.

Which industry?

Check out the place you want to move to if there are any goods or services that Scandinavians in the area miss from their home countries. Most Norwegians are in Spain for shorter stays and many can have little or no Spanish. Then it is great to be able to relate to professionals and other services in their own language.

Is there a need for renting or buying premises, home office or freelance for another company?

Use a Spanish lawyer or a Gestoria to help read through all types of lease and purchase contracts before signing them. You should do this to avoid unnecessary surprises in the event of any termination or extension of the contract. It is also quite possible to work as a self-employed person without a local or office, and as a freelance worker, for example. for a real estate agent. Co-working office buildings are becoming popular here on the Sun Coast and renting offices on day, week or month is quite reasonable.

Are there several in combination or is it a one-man business?

In Spain, the most common types of company are:

Contact a Gestor (tax advisor) for advice on which corporate form is best suited for your business.

The capital may consist of cash payment or by transfer of other assets such as real estate and cars - assessed by authorized appraisers.

What to do to start a S.L. company with several shareholders?

These are information needed to start the creation process. When this is in place, all shareholders must have a Spanish NIE number, which they apply for with the police, either by personal attendance or by a representative with proxy.

The easiest is to give a proxy from each shareholder to a lawyer who will complete the entire process for you.

Then you don't have to worry about having to meet up at all the different offices. When the company's name has been approved by Registro Mercantil Central, the company is constituted by Notarius Publicus and an application number is applied for. The company pays its fees and is registered in the Registro Mercantil Provincial (nearest Trade Register). The company must be notified to the tax authorities with information about the company's activity and the employees are registered with Seguridad Social. The work with registration etc at the tax authorities, Seguridad Social and the accounting system is usually an Asesor Fiscal / Gestor who takes care of.

What is needed to start as Autonomo?

First and foremost, the self-employed must have a Spanish NIE number, which is the number that will be used for billing and payment of taxes and fees. The person must be registered with the tax authorities with information on the activity being performed, and be registered with Seguridad Social for access to the Spanish health services. The amount paid into Seguridad Social each month is regulated by the activity the company is engaged in and the person's age.

Good luck!

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